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Lighten the load…

January 27, 2012


It has been a very long week in Sugarmamma’s house. I can’t even get started, lest I open the floodgates. Needless to say, I’ve been leaning on Him this week to hold me up when I can barely stand alone. Too much stress, too many problems, not enough time. It’s so easy to increase our burdens that we carry with us. Little burdens, big burdens, in-between burdens. They have all been weighing on me this week.

My son loves to collect rocks when we go hiking. He loves their variations in color, size, and sparkle. As we continue on our journey, however, his backpack often becomes too heavy. It’s hard for him to discard any of the potential additions to his collection. Often, he asks me to carry some of his rocks in my backpack, which also becomes heavy with rocks. I suggest that he edit down his collection as we travel, as it would ease his walk, but it is too hard for him to let those rocks go. He continues on, lugging with him the weight of his acquired burdens, and beside him I also tire from the weight of his rocks.

Stress and worry are burdens that I acquire for my personal collection. I can create things to worry about even in the best of days. I told my Sunday School class recently that I was “gifted in worry.” My backpack is full of doubts, heartaches, and fears. Sometimes, I even pass some of my burdens on to those who walk beside me, slowing down their walk. Why do I continue to collect these, when it would be so easy to give them to Jesus? When I was a teenager, I would walk to Buck Creek Lake, which was near my home. Whenever I had an especially heavy heart, I would pick up rocks, pray over a burden with each one, and then cast it into the lake as far as I could. This physical act would help to rid me of a lingering problem, when my soul wouldn’t let go on it’s own. It was so comforting to watch it hit the water and disappear, the rings calming me as they spread throughout the lake. That solace with God is what I need now, more than ever, in this busy, stressful life. Why hold on to something that will do nothing but weigh your journey down? “Cast thy burden upon the LORD and he shall sustain thee.” Psalms 55:22

What are YOU waiting for? Let your burdens go to the One who walks beside you every minute of every day. He is waiting patiently to carry the load.


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