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If I had known then what I do now…

September 26, 2011


I was helping my mother clean out the basement this weekend, when I came upon a crate of old college papers. I took a Recreation therapy class as an elective. Rec 311, to be exact. It is ironic that I chose Alzheimer’s to do my final research paper on, since I am caring for Granny Emma now. My thoughts seem to be centered around this illness for the moment. I read back over my paper, and actually refreshed myself on the different stages of the disease. A cold, black and white reminder of what it has done to my grandmother. It described the issues perfectly…the anxiety, the emotional outbursts. Another layer of irony is that the professor who taught the class is now suffering with Alzheimer’s. I spoke to his wife a few months ago, and she told me about his recent struggles. The disease has no mercy. It does not discriminate.

Pretty depressing for a food blog, huh?

On a lighter note, I got a 90 on the paper.

A few years later, my husband (then boyfriend), used the same paper for the same class, only changing a few words. Oh yes, he did. And guess what? He got a better grade than I did. I’m still a little miffed over that one. Sigh.

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  1. September 26, 2011 7:53 pm

    Hi Sugarmama, I just stumbled upon your blog post today and you may benefit from some of my posts on the disease. I took care of my Grandpa for almost 6 years and we all lived together – my husband and two kids and myself. He passed away here at home in December and now I am writing a memoir about our experience.

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