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Sugarmamma…cabin style!

September 5, 2011

Sugarmamma has left the building! We spent Labor Day weekend at my family’s rustic cabin on Green River. It has been the inspiration for my love of anything old, rusty, and weathered. It began as my dad’s hunting cabin, and we started out heating water on the stove to fill the claw foot bathtub. Now it is a lush, warm place for my family to find respite in today’s crazy modern world.

My father has Parkinson’s disease, but he doesn’t let it stop him. He creates landscaped “rooms” from creek rocks and pea gravel. We never know what mysterious place he will create from one trip to the next. They are named like the Presidential Suites. Deciding which room to dine in is the most taxing decision of the weekend. My favorite is the North Wing. The cabin is sort of Grizzly Adams meets Peter Pan’s Neverland. We eat, swim, and go deer scouting. My husband filled our freezer with the first kill of the season. Hunting bothers many people, but those same people will be the first in line for a great steak. At least we have an opportunity to honor the animal that provides for my family’s table. We’ll move on before debate gets heated…

Things slow down during this season of the year. It is hot and dry. Most time is spent sitting around, catching up on family time, and eating (of course). Here are some photos from the weekend to give you a taste of life at the cabin…



















Now it wouldn’t be a weekend with Sugarmamma without dessert. My mother’s birthday was Saturday, so I created a six layer (no less!) chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, crushed malted milk balls, fudge frosting, and chocolate curls. I know Mom and I ate at least four pieces each. I promised my Granny Emma that I would make another one for our birthdays. We have October birthdays only two days apart (and exactly fifty years). So just to make you jealous…


Happy Birthday Granna!
Wishing you had a Sugarmamma in your family?

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