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Kentucky Derby Bourbon Cakes

January 15, 2010


Where Derby Pie meets cupcake!

Can you bake a cupcake in a pie crust?  I have been obsessing over this concept for weeks!  Voila…the Kentucky Derby Bourbon Cake!  I absolutely love Kentucky Derby Pie.  It’s a regional specialty with nuts and chocolate, and totally addictive.  My cupcakes started with a thin pie crust tucked into a cupcake pan.  Next,  I layered chocolate chips and walnuts in the bottom.  I found that smaller pieces meshed better to mimic the Derby Pie experience.  I then poured a butter bourbon cake batter over the nut/chocolate mixture, and baked just like a regular old cupcake.  The butter cake doesn’t have a large rise anyway, but I will be anticipating getting a higher dome on some other recipes.  They were cooled and then topped with a Kentucky Bourbon Fudge Ganache….oh my!  I was very pleased with my new creation, and I  can begin obsessing over my next recipe!  I will post the recipe soon!  Keep checking back!

Kentucky Derby Bourbon Cake and fresh coffee...bliss!

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  1. Jeannie Hull permalink
    August 21, 2011 10:37 pm


    This is the sweetest thing you could ever had done for me. I love your Granny so much and this is such a great way to share her sweetness. You are an angel.

    Jeannie Hull

    • August 22, 2011 12:41 am

      It’s been a tough couple of years with Granny. I’ve been taking my iPad up and showing her the blog. She says she’s famous now! Glad you all are enjoying it. It’s more cathartic to me than anything! Hope to see you all soon!

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